{ Sewing } A Wearable Mock-Up

(This sewing post on a handmade batwing top was originally posted on Bourbon and Bras on 26th May 2013)

May has been a month that was shaping up to look good – a prospective new job and a move to London was nearly in my grasp. Then boom – rejected. At the time I was definitely upset, I was given false hope and wanted it quite desperately.

melody mae handmade batwing top

But enough of semi-depressing stuff, I turned that anger into a new dress [which will be blogged about soon, I promise] and danced myself silly at The Burning Beat, and I have a nicer outlook on life.

I should preface, I have never worked with jersey before. I’ve worked with some stretch fabrics with less success previously, but did so much more research with this top.

I made this top from a length of cotton jersey, picked up from the charity shop I work at for £1.50. My good guys it feels like heaven on the skin!

melody mae handmade batwing top

Wrong. It went under the sewing machine four times because I forgot that jersey doesn’t require ease! So before this top looked quite as bangin’ as it does here – it could fit an elephant. Reminder: Stretch fabrics require absolutely fuck all ease!

It’s not my best work, but it’s a goodun’, and I’ll be wearing it for years to come.


melody mae xNecklace; Vintage
Skirt; Handmade
Belt; Vintage


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