{ Sewing } No Cock Nor Tails To Be Seen!

(This sewing post was originally posted on Bourbon and Bras on 19th January 2013)

Let me set the scene for you;

It’s the National History Museum in London, lit up in an array of colours, a wall of lights shines at the head of a Diplidocus. You, dressed in your finest are amidst a crowd of bowties and evening dresses, swathed in taffeta and sparkly stuff. In your hand you clutch a beer, and you look up at the giant dinosaur butt with amusement. Rylan from X Factor suddenly bounces onto the makeshift stage and brings the tone of the whole event down. Thank god for an open bar.

It was surreal but beautiful, really.

I didn’t manage to get any full-body pictures of me on the night – but here’s my ‘No Cock Nor Tail’ ensemble!

The dress is made from a faux-silk taffeta, and I give my full recommendation to Abakhan Fabrics for their fantastic service in buying it! [Even with a cheeky 2m extra free ;D] It’s unlined due to the short time I left before the night to get it done as I hate deadlines, but the neckline is faced and the seams are pinked. The hem is done by using bias tape and catch stitching – my only way of hemming those damn curves!

The pullover I pretty much went through on the WIP post, but this was the most difficult part. Sewing mesh is a bitch! I couldn’t seem to get the sizing right – it went from way too big to being way too small, and I had to hack off the underarm gussets and add in another panel to fit. Thank god for four way stretch, else this would have been a disaster!

Making this dress, I wanted to get the look of a sheer-yoked dress with the wearability of two separate garments, which has worked well. Now I have two items of clothing that look as great together as they do apart!

I’m actually so happy with this ensemble, the dress is the first garment I’ve made that I look at and just go damn girl, you CAN sew. Then there’s the pullover – although a real mess of sewing – is the first real adventure into sewing with stretch, and learning about my machine and sewing mesh has been an informing learning curve.

And really, don’t I look proper classy? 😉


Fascinator: Vintage
Necklace: Primark
Shoes: Irregular Choice

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