Hello & Welcome!

I’m Andii Melody Mae, the publisher of this here blog here – a 26-year-old from London.

MelodyMae.co.uk is the new home to my blog, which lived as Bourbon and Bras for many a year. Hello if you’re following me from there!

So first up, I should probably  address the elephant in the room, which is that many of you will know me as Melody. My real name is Andii (shortened from Andrea if you MUST know) and Melody became a nickname I was using for my online world.
Since worlds are colliding, people have been confused about calling me Andii or Melody – Either are fine! I just thought I’d start adopting my real name again.


Back in the day, I started Bourbon and Bras to document my time at university, where I was studying fashion with an interest in lingerie design. I liked bras and my blood was practically half Jack Daniels (no student stereotyping here, no sir-ee!), which explains the title. That didn’t work out so well, since I left studying, and it turns out I’m bloody useless at making bras – funny that!


So B&B ended up being a mishmash of documenting sewing projects, outfits and the odd lifestyle post. But for years it didn’t feel very ‘me’.

So welcome to MelodyMae.co.uk – A sewing, style and other crap blog!